Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Herb the Vegetarian Dragon

It's hard to be different and to stand-up for what we believe in. When others expect us to be something contradictory to how we feel inside it's an opportunity to remind them that we are all individuals with the power to choose our own path - no matter the who we are, or on what side of the castle wall we live.

Herb, the title character in Herb the Vegetarian Dragon finds out that a vegetarian dragon is confusing to everyone but him. The other dragons have written him off but when a war between the dragons and the humans breaks out Herb is caught in the middle. The humans assume he is a fire-breathing, meat-eater just like the others, and the Dragons do nothing to protect him until he is captured. When the dragons tell him he must become a meat-eater in order to gain their protection Herb's resolve is tested but he never wavers. With the help of a young human friend Herb convinces everyone that he is not a danger to them. He helps the warring factions realize that they can live in peace even with their differences but not before  excitement and adventure ensue.

Herb is a comical, unlikely hero. He has a silly appearance and sleepy eyes yet a surprisingly zen-like composure that is rarely found in children's literature. He reminds us all that heroes come in all shapes and sizes; and that the bravest among us are those who know that all people (and dragons), no matter their differences, have a right to live in peace. Similar to Dr. Seuss' Bread and Butter Wars, this story brings to light important life lessons in a way that is silly and fun. We love Herb and hope that you will too!

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  1. Aww. A vegetarian dragon? That's rare. Myths say that dragons are carnivores and are very dangerous. This story is truly a sweet one. It proves that even the most lethal creatures can have a change of heart. =)

    - Katelin Mccaig