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Reading Together is GREAT! Selections from Birth - 4

 Remember that March is National Nutrition Month and in honor of that I am donating a portion of this month's sales to Slow Foods RVA. Click the link March is National Nutrition Month to get started shopping and support this great organization dedicated to bringing healthy, local, fair food to the Greater Richmond community! 

We all know that reading to our children helps them to be better readers, to enjoy reading more, and it gives us a wonderful bonding opportunity to boot. Last night my daughter and I read an entire 5 chapter American Girl book before bed because we were both equally intrigued by the story and we just HAD to know what happened before lights out!

I know that when you are trying to find some good reading material for your child that will keep them engaged you may not know exactly what to try first. So I've chosen some of my personal favorites and listed them by age appropriateness. 

i-took-the-moon-for-a-walk-2.html.jpg        baby-s-first-book.html.jpg

For the babies, I love the Baby's First selections. Baby's First Book, is a lovely and sweet opportunity to start introducing those first words. With subtle pictures of various scenes which introduce the names of seasonal clothing, certain animals, and other items of daily life baby will love to look and touch. I Took the Moon for a Walk is a selection loved by kids of all ages (and parents too). This precious tale of a boy's night time journey to overcome a fear of the dark also teaches him about the fascinating world that thrives while we are sleeping. Make this your regular bedtime tale. This comes in paperback or as a large form board book.  


For 1-2 year olds, and up, we have some fantastic board books. I Dreamt I was a Dinosaur is one of my very favorites. My kids also love the Bear series which are also available in Spanish and French.  There are silly selections for the alphabet, counting, opposites, i spy! The beautiful, colorful, and fascinating illustrations and artwork and a site to behold. Another of my favorites is An Island in the Sun. It's a short little story with unbelievable artwork and some spying to be done by the reader. Your little one will love it and you'll love to see how they grow into the story over time.


The 3-4 year olds are still really into the Board books and so many of the previous selections carry over to the emerging readers who are learning their letter sounds, memorizing short stories and pretending to read. In addition to the titles I've already listed there are some great ones for the "big" little kids. The Prince's Bedtime is a wonderful rhyming tale of a little prince who just won't go to sleep and the amazing lengths his parents will go to get him to bed. When one night an old woman appears at the castle gate and makes quite a suggestion...Further, A Dragon on the Doorstep is one of the many Barefoot Books that comes with a companion CD. These come in handy in the car or during quiet time around the house. I've used them as a wonderful alternative to television. Portside Pirates is another that has a song to accompany the book - a very catchy song I might add that the whole family will be singing along with! There is also a Port Side Pirates activity book and a gift set which makes a great birthday gift.

That's all for now folks! I will be back soon for some suggestions for the older kids. Remember that a portion of March sales are being donated to Slow Foods RVA in honor of National Nutrition Month! Click here to start shopping : March is National Nutrition Month

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